Welcome! PrincessGreen will tell you more about our wonderful greenpeaz.

We love great and healthy food. PrincessGreen carefully selects peas to roast in a step by step proces. This roasting process makes Greenpeaz “ready to eat”. Just open the bag and eat them as a snack, in a salad or with pasta. Greenpeaz are an excellent meat replacer in a meal.

Our Greenpeaz are a special variety of the pea family. As a legume, greenpeaz are a rich source of fiber and proteins, low fat, glutenfree, arachidefree & vegetarian.

Real greenpeaz are incredibly delicious! You can recognize their beautiful round form and they are really crunchy. PrincessGreen makes them in carefully selected flavours, to indulge …


Our products with delicious flavours:

Thanks to the passion of PrincessGreen, we can proudly present you the members of the PrincessGreen Family:

Our classic. A combination of Mediterranean herbs takes you to a sunny place with hints of lavender. Low fat and full of taste. We recommend it.
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Greenpeaz nachoNacho
One of our favorites. Colorful, crunchy & Mexican. A surprising combination of spices & cheese. Don Nacho and his sombrero take you all the way to the Mexican sun.
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Greenpeaz saltedSalted
The pure taste. Greenpeaz in their purest form. Just with a little bit of salt to experience that wonderfull natural taste to the fullest.
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zoete groentenootjesSweet
For the sweet, ‘brainy’ flavour of our greenpeaz, we use a process to roast sugar and coat the greenpeaz with a beautiful layer. Our sweet greenpeaz look like little brains. Their flavour is delicious & very crunchy.
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Greenpeaz sesame & honeySesame & Honey
A healthy sweet mix of sesamy seeds and caramelised honey makes this flavour irresistible. This flavour is our favourite among the sweet flavours. The thin crunchy layer around the greenpeaz is superb!
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choco 100x116Chocolate
Very recognisable, and simply delicious. The creamy texture of chocolate melting in your mouth. A crunchy low fat core makes this greenpea a pleasure to eat. A must for every chocolate lover.
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