groentenootjes met chocoladesmaak
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Greenpeaz Choco

Very recognisable, and simply delicious. The creamy texture of chocolate melting in your mouth. A crunchy low fat core makes this greenpea a pleasure to eat. A must for every chocolate lover.

Greenpeaz are an ideal snack, on the go, on the job and when relaxing. Our Greenpeaz are delicious, crusty & full of flavor. Not only for vegetarians!

Greenpeaz are full of good stuff: proteins, fibers, folium. They are Gluten-free, vegetarian, Nut-free.

Product Description


Greenpeaz with chocolate: roasted peas covert with milk chocolate

One bag contains 120g

Ingredients:  Cicer Arietinum, milk chocolate (35%) (Sugar, cacao butter, cacao paste), sugar, Arabic gum, E150


Allergy: Can contain traces of NUTS and SESAME



Nutrition values per 100g:                                         

Energy                                  526 kCal

Proteins                                  9,00 g

Carbohydrates                     53,20 g

of which sugar                    16,80 g

Fats                                     30,50 g

of which saturated              17,00 g

Fibers                                   6,65 g

Natrium / Sodium                  –