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Greenpeaz Salted

The pure taste. Greenpeaz in their purest form. Just with a little bit of salt to experience that wonderfull natural taste to the fullest.

Greenpeaz are an ideal snack, on the go, on the job, when relaxing, or as a surprise element in a delicious salad. Our Greenpeaz are delicious, crusty & full of flavor. Not only for vegetarians!

Greenpeaz are full of good stuff: proteins, fibers, folium. They are Gluten-free, vegetarian, Nut-free.

Product Description


Greenpeaz salted: roasted peas with salt

One bag contains 90g.

Ingredients:  Cicer Arietinum, salt

Allergy: Can contain traces of NUTS and SESAME

Nutrition values per 100g:                                         

Energy                                  391 kCal
Proteins                                20,90 g
Carbohydrates                      60,50 g
   of which sugar                       8,00 g
Fats                                        7,19 g
   of which saturated                 1,01 g
Fibers                                    6,65 g
Natrium / Sodium                   0,41