groentenootjes met sesam & honing smaak
groentenootjes met sesam & honing smaakZakje groentenootjes sesam & honing smaak

Greenpeaz Sesame & Honey

A healthy sweet mix of sesame seeds and caramelized honey makes this flavor irresistible. This flavor is our favorite among the sweet flavors. The thin crunchy layer around the greenpeaz is superb!

Greenpeaz are an ideal snack, on the go, on the job, when relaxing, or as a surprise element in a delicious salad. Our Greenpeaz are delicious, crusty & full of flavor. Not only for vegetarians!

Greenpeaz are full of good stuff: proteins, fibers, folium. They are Gluten-free, vegetarian, Nut-free.

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Product Description


Greenpeaz with sesame & honey: roasted peas covert with sesame seeds and caramelized honey

One bag contains 90g.

Ingredients:  Cicer Arietinum, sugar, sesame (11%), honey (0,1%), vanille aromates

Allergy: Contains SESAME,  Can contain traces of NUTS
Nutrition values per 100g:                                         
Energy                                  547 kCal
Proteins                                23,07 g
Carbohydrates                      70,50 g
   of which sugar                   26,00 g
Fats                                    4,60 g
   of which saturated            4,60 g
Fibers                                  8,65 g
Natrium / Sodium                  –